Panga Boats

The panga boat, also know as "long boat" or "island boat" is a world renowned proven seaworthy, fuel efficient, durable and easy-to-use fishing, diving and touring boat.


This versatile, practical and efficient fibreglass boat is being used extensively by fishing guides and commercial fisherman in Central America, the Pacific, Africa and throughout Asia for well over 40 years.


PANgA BoAt HIStory

The panga boat was specifically designed in the late 1960s. The project was financed by the World Bank with the aim of creating a fuel-efficient, durable and  safe fishing vessel for the remote coastal villagers of the third world countries. The project more than succeeded, and it is estimated that more than 100000 pangas are currently in use around the world.

Picture_014__Large_With the introduction of fibreglass boatbuilding,and the development of reliable outboard engines, existing age-old design wooden crafts, still often propelled by sail or oars, could now be replaced with a durable, seaworthy, fast engine-powered fishing boat.


The design of the Panga boat had originated from existing wooden skiffs used for centuries around the world.


These efficient and seaworthy crafts, like the South American Skiff and the Japanese Wasen were long with a narrow beam.


The old South American skiff was already locally known as a "Panga". Named after the "Panga fish" the local fishermen fished for.


The all new fibreglass panga, designed to suit the demands of remote fisherman, had to be:

  • able to accommodate a practical handstart and tiller steering controlled low horse power outboard
  • easy to launch and retrieve through the surf of relative unprotected often rocky beaches
  • able to plane over large swells and short stiff chop to take the fishermen fast to their fishing grounds
  • able to carry full loads of up to 2 tons of fish, gear and men safely back to shore
  • built lightweight , but tough and durable
  • safe and seaworthy
  • easily repairable and maintained


 The outboard company Yamaha formed partnerships with numerous boat builders around the world to construct hulls based on the design. Molds were made and distributed and the panga boat production had begun


Now the Panga is recognized by mariners the world over for its seaworthyness and versatility.


The Panga is the worlds most utilized boat design and despite being used on a day to day basis, in some of the most rugged environments, many of the early produced pangas are still in operation today.